The principal aim of the Employment Guarantee Scheme is to provide  gainful & productive employment to unskilled workers in the rural areas & "C'' class municipal councils.

Various Government Schemes implemented by EGS Department.

1. Linking roads to villages.
2. Internal roads construction of villages having population above 500.
3. Soil & Water conservation works
4. Jawahar Wells Program - Construction of irrigation wells
5. Promoting SERICULTURE Industries
6. Promoting SOCIAL FORESTRY on barren lands.
7. Promoting of cultivation of  fruit crops through EGS linked Horticulture    program

For further information please contact

          Address                     Deputy Collector E.G.S.
                                        Collector Office, Parbhani
                                     ( MAHARASHTRA STATE)
       Phone No.                   -  222600 (02452) (PBX)

Employment Guarantee Scheme (EGS)

       The major objective of district planing committee is maximum utilization of the available resources for effective development. District annual plan is prepared by DPC.

The District level plan programme consists of the following components.
1)      The regular district plans to be formulated by the District Planning Committee (DPC)
2)      The district level schemes to be funded from state pool.
3)      The district level schemes coming under the program for removal of regional imbalance, also to be formulated by the DPC.
4)      MP, MLA,  MLC local development program ( State level)
5)      Special programme for the development of hilly areas.
6)      20-Point Programme.
7)      Marathwada time-bound development programme.
8)      Tourism development programme.
9)      Monitoring Special component / Tribal sub plan etc.
10)   Publication of District annual plan Report.

For further information please contact
       Address                         - District Planing Officer.
                                            District Planing Committee.
                                            Collectorate , Parbhani

District Planing Committee. (DPC)

       The Following Scheme are implemented by the Office of the Collector and the concerned Tahasildars.

Schemes sponsored by Central Government
Objectives - Social assistance to poor house holds in case of old age , death of bread winner & maternity.
1)      National Old Age Pension Scheme. - Age of the applicant (Male/Female) shall be 65 years or above. He should not have any financial support from family members or other resources.
2)      National Family Benefit Scheme - Central assistance will be available for households below the poverty line on the death of the primary bread winner. He /she should be between age group of 18 to 64 years. This would include spouse, minor children, unmarried daughter & dependent parents.
3)      National Maternity Scheme of Economic Support during Pregnancy  - This scheme  provides benefit to women of households below the poverty line. Maternity benefit to pregnant women will be restricted up to the first two live births provided they are 19 years of age & above. Benefit will be disbursed in one installment 12 to 8 weeks prior to the delivery.

Scheme sponsored by State Government
Objective - Financial assistance to persons below poverty line , land less labour, agricultural labour. 

1)      Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana. -  Destitute persons who are mentally & physically handicapped & those who  do not have their own resources. Under this scheme age of male applicants shall be  65 and that of  female applicant shall be 60.
2)      Sanjay Gandhi Swavalamban Yojana. - Unemployed persons who are registered under EGS and at the Employment office will be provided with loan without interest & mortgage.
3)      Indira Gandhi Bhumihin Vridha Shetmajur Sahaya Yojana -
Aged persons living in villages who can not work, are provided with subsidy. In case of Male agriculture labour age should be above 65 years & for female above 60 years.

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       Detail Address of Office - Tahasildar, (Sanjay Gandhi) , Collector Office Parbhani
       Email :
       Phone No - 222600 (02452)

National / State Social-Financial Assistance Schemes.

       Objective : Rehabilitation of the persons affected by various Irrigation projects, and due to  Natural calamities. Following provisions are made by Government for affected person.
1) Alternative Land is made available under 2 categories as given below
   a)  For a family constitutes of five persons & below  370 land.
   b) For a Family consisting more than 5 persons 185 land per three
         person increases.
2) Rehabilitation subsidy - If affected person doesn't accept alternative land then subsidy will be provided.
3) Land for construction  of  House
4)      Loan for Construction of House.
5)      13 Civic amenities. ( Road, Electricity, Water Supply, Sanitation, School rooms etc.)
6)      Certificate for project affected persons.
7)      The list of candidates having Project  affected Certificate will be provided to the different departments for Employment.

For further information Please contact
Address                       -        District Resettlement Officer, Collector Office, Parbhani        
Phone No.                     -        222600 (02452)
E -Mail Address             -

District Rehabilitation Office. (DRO).
Object -
1)        Promoting habit of thrift amongst the persons belonging to various      economic classes.
2)        Making money available for various developmental programmes of the Government Functions of Small Savings Branch
1)      Providing information to common man about various investment options  under small saving.
2)      Creating a Network of small saving agents, MAHILA PRADHAN AGENTs.
3)      Co-ordination among various Departments for Small saving.
4)      Providing incentives Gift for promoting Small saving.
5)      Distribution of subsidy to Local bodies for publication & propaganda relating to small savings options.

For further information Please Contact
Address                -        Asst. Director Small Saving, Collector Office Parbhani        
Phone No.                -        222720  (02452)
Small Saving Scheme.

       Parbhani district is divided in to 2 revenue sub division. Parbhani , Selu. The Sub Divisional Officer plays the role of Sub Divisional Magistrate as well. The Sub Divisional Officer also works as a Land Acquisition Officer in respect of acquistion of land for extention of Gaonthan and for rehabilitation of flood affected families.    He also supervises the functioning of all Tahasildars working in his jurisdiction. The Following certificates are issued by the SDOs :-
1)      Caste certificate, Non-creamy layer certificate
2)      Solvency Certificate.
3)      Lodging/Entertainment license. etc
The Sub Divisional Officer, has Judicial Power  Hyderabad Rent Control Act, the record of rights cases under the provisions of Maharashtra Land Revenue Code and the Atiyat Enquiry Act. The Sub Divisional Officer has  powers to allot the Fair Price Shops.

For further information Please contact
Address                   -        Sub Divisional officer Parbhani, Collector Office Parbhani
Phone No.                     -        222600  (02452)
Address                   -        Sub Divisional officer Selu, SDO Office Selu

Sub Divisional Offices

       Tahasildar is the head of the Tahasil Office. He issues the following certificates :
1.      Solvency certificates,
2.      Income certificates,
3.      Age and Domicile certificates,
4.      Senior Citizenship Certificates,
5.      Issue and Renewal of Eating House Licenses,
6.      Issue of certified copies of Record of Rights.
7.      Mineral and Mines Licenses,
8.      Initial scrutiny of applications for caste certificates .
9.      Issue of Ration Cards etc.
The Tahsildar also plays an important role as Taluka Executive Magistrate particularly for handling law and order problems.The Tahsildar has quasi judicial powers under Maharashtra Land Revenue Code and the Mamlatdars' Court Act.

For further information Please contact
Address                -        Tahasildar, Parbhani
Tahasil Office Parbhani
Phone No.                     -        222600  (02452)  (PBX)

Tahasil Offices