Projects Implemented by G.S.D.A. under various scheme

1)        Shivkalin Pani Sathavan Yojana: -
To strengthen the drinking water sources under Shivakalin Pani
       Sathavan Yojana from 2003-04 in Parbhani District.
               Various projects are implemented as under,
               1.        Kolhapuri Bandhara's
               2.        Cement Bandhara's
               3.        Storage Tanks
               4.        Check Dams
               5.        De-Silting of village Tanks
               6.        De-silting of drinking water wells.
               7.        Roof Top Harvesting
               8.        Recharging pits.
               9.        Innovative structures suggested by villagers.

Administrative sanctions have been given to 586 projects up till now and 216 projects completed in all respect. The complete projects are given as below,
               1. Kolhapuri type Bandhara          -01
               2. Cement Bandhara                    -15
               3. De-silting of village Tank         -04
               4. Strengthening of well               -10
               5. Storage Tanks                         -03
               6. Roof Top Harvesting             -183
                                       Total                  -216
and remaining 370 projects are under progress.

       For implementation of Shivkalin Pani Sathavan Yojana funds are available from the following heads.        
                       Scheme                                Rs. Lakh
       1. ARP Scheme                                81.15
       2. 11th Finance Commission                65.53
       3. Minimum Need Program                39.62
                       Total                                186.30
       Total Rs. 186.30 Lakh are received from State Govt. and Central Govt. for implementation of above scheme Rs. 186.30 lakh are spent.
To complete the above Sanction Programs, grants required             Rs. 395.51 Lakh, out of which Rs. 186.30 Lakhs are already spent; remaining Rs. 209.21 lakhs are needed.
       Prime Ministers Program

Prime Minister declared this program on occasion of Independence Day, for drinking water scheme. These programs are implemented as follows:
1)        Handpump Installation in scarcity affected villages.
2)        Strengthening and rejuvenation of drinking water sources.
3)        Drinking water facility to primary schools
Out of these 1 & 2 schemes are implemented through G.S.D.A.
and rural water supply department, Zilla Parishad, implements No. 3 scheme.

1.        Installation of Handpumps: - In the financial year 2003-04 and 2004-05, 309 Handpumps installation Target were given up to June 2005. Out of which 309 Bore Wells sanctioned by District Level Committee. To complete the drilling of 274 Bore wells required amount given to village water supply and sanitation committee by cheques.
To complete the target of 309 Bore well with Hand Pump grants required Rs. 92.70 lakh but up till now 49.10 lakh are available, remaining amount Rs. 43.60 are needed.

2.        Strengthening the Drinking Water Sources: - Under this scheme
Various works are under taken such as,
1)        De-silting of drinking water well
2)        Deepening of drinking water well
3)        Horizontal Bore Wells.
4)        Flushing of Bore Wells.
In the year 2003-04 and 2004-05, 334 cases Target were given.
For this work grants available Rs. 28.27 lakh, out of which only 22 cases received from village water supply sanitation committee and work completed, village committee is not given much more response to deposits 10% popular contribution. Hence, the target is not achieved.

       Hariyali Scheme: - Under the central Govt. Hariyali Program,
Total 9 watersheds are sanctioned, 4 watersheds are from 9th batch and 5 watersheds are from 10th batch.
Out of 9 watersheds, net planning of 4 watersheds are completed. And remaining 5 watersheds works in progress. In the village Borda Tq. Gangakhed watershed development work is in progress. Expenditure incurred Rs.11.40 lakh till today.                

Observation Well & Pizometers: - this office in 33 watersheds fixes Total 86 observation wells. Rainfall recharge and water levels are collected at the end of each quarter & these water levels are compared with last 5 years reading collected.
The compared data gives the probable scarcity affected villages for onward submission to the District Collector to solve the drinking water problem.