Schemes Implemented by the Office

1) Controlling of the Special Component Plan
2) Government Hostels for Backward Class (Boys & Girls)
3) Government of India Scholarship for Scheduled Castes,V.J.NT./OBC & SBC  colleges students
4) Tution Fees & Examiniation Fees for Scheduled Castes,V.J.NT./OBC & SBC colleges students
5) Maintance Allowance for Military Schools training students of S.C./V.J.NT.
6) Maintance Allowance for vocational colleges students for  S.C./VJNT/SBC    those are studying in college hostels
7) Book banks for Medical & Engineering Colleges students
8) Financial Assistance for victim of  Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribes
9) Karmavir Dadasaheb Gaikwad Sabalikarn & Swabhiman Youjna for Scheduled castes those are landless & below poverty line.
10) Rajashri Shahu Maharaj Gunwatta Purskar for S.C./V.J.NT./S.B.C. class students those are  merit in a General students merit list in S.S.C.& H.S.C. Class
11) Kanyadan Youjna (Samuhik Vivah Sohala) for S.C.& V.J.NT. couples.
12) Savitribail Phule Scholarship for V.J.NT.& S.B.C.girls studing in 8 to 10 th standard.
13) Prathamik & Madhamik Ashram schools for V.J.N.T. class students
14) Tanda Vasti Sudhar Yojna for V.J.N.T.
15) Grahnirman Yojna (Housing Scheme) for SC/V.J.NT.

Special Achievements: In Karmavir Dadasaheb Gaikwad Sablikaran & Swabhiman Yojna two scheduled castes beneficiaries at Isad Tq.Gangakhed has given two acres land in this year.

District Social Welfare Dept.,Parbhani